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Important Patient information

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Appointments can be made by phone or by e-mail. Please take into consideration that urgent appointments should not be requested per mail.

Appointments are prioritized based on urgency. The physician assistants are required to inform for the reason of the consult to be able to determine the urgency ("triage") and the duration of the appointment.

Please also take into consideration that because of prioritization NOT all appointments can be given on the same day.

Organizing Medicine

Prescription refills

Prescriptions can be requested online, but can also be ordered by phone or at the counter of the assistants. This only counts for repeat prescriptions that are known to us. 

You can request prescription refills in the morning until 11 o’clock, which can be picked up the same day. If requested after 11:00, it will be ready the next business day.


We offer the possibility to collect the necessary material (venipuncture, urine collection, etc) for your laboratory test at our practice. This service is provided by LdS daily from 8:00 am - 11:00 am.

For more information about LdS, please visit:

Hospital Corridor

Emergency number: 5925075

We are available on our emergency number weekdays from 7:00 am - 6:00 pm. Please ONLY use this number in case of emergencies and NOT if the lines are busy, for prescription refills, appointments, etc.

Call 911 in case of life threatening situations

Doctor Examining CT Scan

Referral letter ("verwijsbrief")

Referrals are only done after personal evaluation by the general practitioner.

Prolongation of referrals ("verlenging") can only be done when we have received feedback ("terugrapportage") from the concerning specialist


Complaint Handling Procedure

Please let us know in case of dissatisfaction. We take your opinion seriously and believe in dialogue.

We will gladly inform you of the complaint handling procedure if the issue is NOT resolved.

For more information, please visit:

Information: Services
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